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Small Business Solutions

Products & services

Ease of use

All SBS software is designed for intuitive ease of use and efficiency.

Training and Support

SBS provides training and support to optimise the use of their software. Initial training enables staff to realise the benefits as quickly as possible. Ongoing training is also available to expand the use of the system and for changes of staff. A package of online support can be provided for continued confidence.

The Bespoke Small Business Management System

SBS has developed The Small Business Management System to form the core of an integrated all in one solution providing not just Customer Relationship Management (CRM) but a Single Customer View(SCV).
The core Small Business Mangement System provides an integrated system reflecting the business process: Prospect – Customer – Quotation - Order – Fulfilment – Billing – Payment received – Credit Control – Accounts paid – accounting reports.
Bespoke modules can be added to suit the specialised needs of individual or types of businesses.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The ongoing relationship with the customer is the key to retention. It is almost always easier to retain an existing customer than to find a new one. Good management of basic information about and interactions with the customer gives a professional image. Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about being seen by your customer as a responsive business.

Address Management

The customer may have a different address for different uses. The Small Business Management Sytem includes facility for multiple addresses. For accurate data input AFD postcode address management can be integrated with The Small Business Management System.

Customer History

The Small Business Management System includes a history of all contacts with the customer provides a record of the type of contact made, notes & letter writing facilities. Easy access to the customer history fosters the good relationship.

Single Customer View (SCV)

Rather than having information about the customer in several separate bits of software The Small Business Management System provides the opportunity to view all information in a single integrated system. The Single Customer View (SCV) provides not just demographic and contact records but letter writing, billing and credit control.

Correspondence and document management

A basic wordprocessor or the optional integrated Microsoft Word 2007 gives the ability to communicate quickly and effectively by letter or to write notes. Correspondence automatically inserts the addressee details already entered. The document is stored with the relevant customer history event giving easy access and management. This correspondence and document management within The Small Business Management System is a bonus.


Timely customer billing improves cashflow and adds to the professionalism of your business. The production of customer invoices is again integrated within The Small Business Management System.

Debt Control

The Small Business Management System helps you keep control of your income by reducing outstanding debt. Overdue accounts are monitored and automatic debt control letters produced.


Relationship Management is also available for suppliers and others. This includes demographic information, contacts made, notes and letter writing.


Expenses can be categorised and accounts produced for end of period and VAT.


The diary keeps track of appointments and to do lists and links appropriately with other modules.


Much of the information entered can be searched for analysis in order to enhance and increase future business.